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Analysis, Strategy and Optimization

We let data and statistics lead the way for the overall strategy. By combining data collection, analysis, and creativity, we create a tailored marketing strategy for your business. We analyze channels and conversion behavior in order to determine winning strategies. We test, measure, and evaluate to optimize all marketing efforts. 

Media Planning

What is Digital Marketing Strategy?


A Digital Marketing Strategy aims to define a goal and strategy when it comes to digital marketing. What sets this kind of strategy apart from the traditional marketing strategy is that it focuses exclusively on digital marketing.

The strategy includes identifying personas and objectives, as well as evaluating the efforts made in different areas such as earned media, owned media, and purchased media.

What is the Value of Digital Marketing Strategy?


With a Digital Marketing Strategy to rely on, you get direction for the work. You can give more priority to the efforts that produce the greatest impact and thus become more cost-effective. In order to be successful and competitive, the work on digital marketing needs to be agile and constantly optimized.

How We Work with Digital Marketing Strategy


As customers spend an increasing amount of time online, the correct methods are needed to reach them. The strategic work is essential to identify activities in order for you to reach your goals. It might involve improving the website, strengthening social media presence, or increasing the number of leads generated.

We take an integrated approach to digital marketing to achieve the best possible outcome from the efforts in the various channels. The strategy becomes the foundation of all work.


In the area of ​​Digital Marketing Strategy, we offer services such as:


  • Media strategy on various paid channels – in this area we develop a complete media strategy for your different paid channels.
  • Total cost versus income and other metrics – by continuously evaluating the efforts, you know which channels provide the highest value in relation to investment.

With our extensive experience of working on marketing strategies, we help companies optimize their marketing efforts. Est Populo is a digital marketing agency in Gothenburg that takes care of and ensures that your digital marketing efforts are successful.

Questions and Answers
What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing refers to all digital marketing work. It could be newsletters, social media, website conversion or digital advertising.


What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

In Digital Marketing Strategy, activities and initiatives are articulated in order to reach the goals through work in various digital channels.

What’s the Difference between a Strategy and a Campaign?

Some people tend to confuse strategy with campaign. The digital strategy contains the activities that must be carried out to achieve the overall marketing objectives. The digital campaigns are the parts of the strategy that help you reach your goal.

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