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Analysis, Strategy and Optimization

We let data and statistics lead the way for the overall strategy. By combining data collection, analysis, and creativity, we create a tailored marketing strategy for your business. We analyze channels and conversion behavior in order to determine winning strategies. We test, measure, and evaluate to optimize all marketing efforts. 


What is Localization?


Localization is about adapting texts to local conditions and can be seen as an extension of a regular translation. The adaptation can involve both linguistic and cultural adjustments. For example, Localization includes adjusting addresses, titles and formats. The aim and purpose are for the content to be perceived as authentic by the local target audience.

What is the Advantage of Localization?


Your content becomes more relevant to the target audience with Localization. You build trust and, as a result, you strengthen your brand with a properly localized text. It is imperative for companies to be perceived as authentic for them to be successful. Literal translations will no longer do when your target audience is comprised of native English speakers – additional adjustments are necessary in order to be deemed credible.

To feel connected to your company and consider your offer to be inviting, the recipient needs to recognize themselves based on their own preferences and context.

How We Work with Localization


We help companies adapt text and content to their current context. Translating a text is not enough; you also need to think about adjusting currencies, geographic locations and pay attention to whether there are local jargons or references that may work in one context but not in another. When we assist you with Localization, we ensure that you remain relevant and can achieve digital growth.


In the area of ​​Localization, we offer services such as:


  • Analysis – we look at what adjustments need to be made.
  • Translations – we make sure that the content is translated and localized into the selected languages.
  • Technical Implementation – we help you implement the content in a natural way.

Need help localizing your content? Contact Est Populo, the marketing agency that is ready to take an integrated approach to your marketing and customize your content so that it is well-received by the target groups. With data-driven processes, Localization becomes effective for all parties. Please contact us to learn more.

Questions and Answers
What is Localization?

Localization is about converting content into another language and at the same time taking local conditions such as currencies, geographical locations and titles into account for it to sound natural. The customization may also include legal requirements, date format and images usage.


What is the Difference between Translation and Localization?

Localization goes a step further than traditional translations; the content is not only matched word by word – it’s also adapted to match local conditions.

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