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Digital Marketing

We offer all channels within traffic acquisition and driving sales online. Whatever it is, from increasing your presense on social media to increase the amount of email opt-ins on your website. Est Populo takes a holistic approach to your Digital Marketing activities to reach the best possible results in every channel. We work in fast iterations and constantly test new solutions, but also complement them with proven marketing strategies.

Social Media – Organic

What is Social Media – Organic?


Social media marketing has become a matter of course in this day and age. As a company, you need to be present where your potential customers are and woo them accordingly. Marketing and communication in social media are essential to compete with other successful companies. Social media marketing is a great way to build a strong relationship and communicate with, as well as engage your target audience.

What is the Advantage of Working with Social Media?


The great thing about social media marketing is that you can reach out organically (i.e. without paying) to communicate with and talk to your customers. Social media is a channel where you can influence your customers, update them on new collections or provide other relevant information.


How We Work with Social Media Organically


With the right strategy, your social media marketing will be a success story. What distinguishes the organic from sponsored advertising is that it is not a question of who has the highest budget to reach out – rather who has the best content and the right timing. Marketing on social media is about being authentic, and that is where we come in. We help companies adapt their offer and take an integrated approach to digital marketing. We can help you produce content in different forms based on a target audience analysis.


In the ​​social media area, we offer services such as:


  • Instagram marketing is popular, especially in fashion and other industries suitable for photos – but companies in most industries use Instagram as a marketing channel.
  • Facebook marketing is a popular way to reach the target audience. 74% of the Swedish population use Facebook.
    Pinterest is also an image-based social media that aims to inspire. Here we help you stand out in the flow with the right strategy.
  • Snapchat is Sweden’s third-largest social network with 39% of the population as its users. On this platform, we can help you reach a slightly younger target audience.
  • LinkedIn is primarily a professional network that people visit in their professional roles. It is also common for it to be used for recruitment purposes.
  • TikTok is a social media app used to create shorter videos and live broadcasts. The app has 500 million users.

Are you in need of an experienced marketing agency in Gothenburg that can help you with social media marketing? Est Populo is, with its combined experience, the obvious choice. Contact us to increase your visibility and reach out on social media.


Questions and Answers
What is Social Media?

Social media can be defined as digital platforms where we gather to publish content and communicate with each other – as individuals, companies and organizations.


What Social Media Platforms are There?

The three largest social media sites in Sweden are Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. In addition to these, there are Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok, which are also used for marketing and to achieve digital growth.

How Many People Use Social Media?

83% of the Swedish population use social media, according to the report “Swedes and the Internet” published by Internetstiftelsen (the Swedish Internet Foundation), an independent foundation that collects social media facts annually.

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