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Digital Marketing

We offer all channels within traffic acquisition and driving sales online. Whatever it is, from increasing your presense on social media to increase the amount of email opt-ins on your website. Est Populo takes a holistic approach to your Digital Marketing activities to reach the best possible results in every channel. We work in fast iterations and constantly test new solutions, but also complement them with proven marketing strategies.


What is SEM?


SEM is an abbreviation of Search Engine Marketing and it’s all about driving traffic through PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing. With the help of online advertising, visitors are enticed to find you. The most common forms of SEM are Search Ads, Google Shopping, Display Ads and YouTube. Through a well-implemented campaign structure and by working proactively, you can drive and increase relevant traffic to your website.

The SEM work involves identifying the correct search phrases and keywords which you want to compete on Google and other search engines. Most major companies today implement some form of internet advertising to attract new leads and customers; SEM in e-commerce, where you can meet the customer’s intentions with relevant content, is especially common. The format and strategy of Google ads change over time, so it’s important to work dynamically and thus gain an advantage by being at the forefront.

What is the Advantage of SEM?


The majority of the Swedish population uses Google daily to search for information, get answers and compare different services and products. This means that you can reach customers with the right message at the right time. With the right strategy, you can influence the customer’s buying journey through the different phases of awareness, consideration, purchase and retention. It’s about being visible on the channels your customers use.


How We Work with SEM?


We help companies set up a successful campaign structure, create relevant ads for each area and produce Google Shopping ads. It’s all about spreading visibility through all of Google’s advertising channels. We help to optimize advertising costs and continuously test what works and what doesn’t.


In the area of ​​SEM, we offer services such as:


  • Display advertising is digital ads that appear alongside other content and it is often perceived as banners. This also includes video ads.
  • Google Shopping is Google’s own price comparison site, and here you have the chance to front your products when potential customers search for what you offer.
  • Remarketing is all about building awareness and sparking interest with the help of relevant ads based on visitor history in order to maximize outcome.
    Video/mobile content – with YouTube advertising, you can reach the exact target audience you want with your ad and your offer.
  • Google Search Ads – with these ads showing directly in Google search results, you are visible to a large audience.

Are you in need of a marketing agency in Gothenburg that can help you with Search Engine Marketing? For anyone looking for an experienced marketing agency, EST Populo is an excellent choice. We have extensive experience working with both Google and SEM.

Questions and Answers
What is SEM?

SEM is an abbreviation of Search Engine Marketing and aims at having the right content and methods to get your digital ads to be shown and consequently get them to be clicked on. With the right SEM approach, your data is leveraged into targeting your preferred clientele, thereby allowing them to find you.


What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is the most well-known form of SEM and aims at the­­­­­ paid ads that appear at the top of Google search results. Here, companies and organizations compete for the right keywords, based on who pays the most to feature their respective keywords or search terms.

What is the Difference between SEO and SEM?

SEO is about optimizing the content of your own website to match Google’s algorithm and thereby increasing its ranking in the search results. SEM, on the other hand, is about positioning oneself on Google’s own auction network to be visible at the top of relevant searches.

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