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Analysis, Strategy and Optimization

We let data and statistics lead the way for the overall strategy. By combining data collection, analysis, and creativity, we create a tailored marketing strategy for your business. We analyze channels and conversion behavior in order to determine winning strategies. We test, measure, and evaluate to optimize all marketing efforts. 

Profit & Loss Forecast

What is P&L Forecast?


With a financial report that highlights the financial flows in the company for a given period of time, you get a clearer picture and increased control over the ability to generate sales and manage expenses during the period. The time period can cover a month, a quarter or a financial year.

P&L Forecast is about having a profit and loss prognosis, thus taking control of development. It is about using a budget forecast to keep track of the financial flows in the company.

What is the Advantage of P&L Forecast?


The benefit of working with P&L Forecast is that you gain control of revenue and expenses when you start from an established company budget template. With an overview of the investments, you avoid unpleasant surprises and can make strategic investments. This is necessary for your brand to flourish.

How We Work With P&L Forecast


We offer help with budget, forecasting and follow-up. We help companies choose good templates and reasonable budget plans for companies of your size and industry. An important aspect of this enterprise is being able to optimize one’s marketing activities according to the company’s various budgets and KPIs. We provide you with an automated overview report that takes into account the entire profit and loss model on a daily basis.


In the area of ​​P&L Forecast, we offer services such as:


  • Forecast growth in the form of revenue and all levels of costs.
  • We help you get organized on EBITDA, Gross Profit, Net Sales, Gross Profit 2, Gross Profit 3 and Cost of Sale.

Do you need help with P&L Forecast and hope to find an experienced marketing agency? EST Populo is an excellent choice. With long experience in budgeting and data-driven processes, we help companies succeed with their business ideas. Contact us to get a more structured approach to budget and forecast.

Questions and Answers
What is a Budget?

A budget is a framing and overview of cash flows over a given period of time. The budget often covers one year at a time. A budget may contain ambitions and goals and is often generous in order to not go over budget.


What is the Difference between Budget and Forecast?

The budget is about assessing what the future will hold, financially. A forecast, on the other hand, is an estimate of how well the budget is expected to be kept.

How Does One Make a Budget?

A good way to make a budget is to use any of the available templates. Divide expenses and revenue into various posts and break down running costs per month to get an even distribution over the course of a year.

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