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Analysis, Strategy and Optimization

We let data and statistics lead the way for the overall strategy. By combining data collection, analysis, and creativity, we create a tailored marketing strategy for your business. We analyze channels and conversion behavior in order to determine winning strategies. We test, measure, and evaluate to optimize all marketing efforts. 

Conversion Optimization

What is Conversion Optimization?


The various parts of Conversion Rate Optimization, CRO, frame the work and processes to increase the number of conversions on a website or in a phone application. CRO typically involves identifying various elements that will continuously improve the application’s conversion rate, average receipt and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) over time. This is done by analyzing data and developing hypotheses to A/B test the current version of a page against an alternative version. For best results, frequent Conversion Rate Optimization and A/B testing should be implemented.

What is the Advantage of Conversion Rate Optimization?


As you increase your CRO, the value of each visitor also increases. That is, the customers who do visit your website will generate more revenue, giving you more bang for your buck per visit (as opposed to marketing, which is about getting more visitors to your website). If a landing page increases its conversion rate by a certain percentage point, it can have significant effects on your revenue. CRO is something that needs to be worked on continuously, and there are always elements to improve and optimize. 

How We Work with Conversion Rate Optimization


We help companies with the entire procedure, from identification to implementation of the measures proposed to improve your website’s CRO. The first step of the process to increase conversion on a website is to do a comprehensive current situation analysis to be able to review your website. To understand the page, we use a variety of measurement tools, such as Google Analytics and other third-party tools. The current situation analysis then serves as an action plan to help us find areas that we can improve. The next step is to create data-based hypotheses for one or more pages. We start by prioritizing all of the data that we collected in the first step. We usually test different proposals by performing so-called A/B tests, but when there are more than two variants to test, we use A/B/C tests. Regardless of the task, we always use the selected KPI when measuring the result to implement the best possible solution for your website in order to increase the value of each visitor.


In the area of ​​Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), we offer services such as:


  • Data collection – in this section, it is about collecting data to identify areas for improvement. We look at objectives, customers and user-friendliness.
  • Recommendations – we give you our advice as to which of these areas need to be prioritized to provide the best results.
  • Prototype – you get to look at different proposals and decide on which you want to go with.
  • Graphic design – we design, new or revised, to improve the solution visually.
  • Coding – this is when we build the actual solution as per the agreement and test it in different browsers and on different devices.
  • A/B test – we test different proposals against each other during a test period and later move on to the one with the highest conversion rate.
  • Analysis and implementation – we evaluate measures and plan ahead to iterate. 

Do you want to achieve digital growth through Conversion Rate Optimization? EST Populo is an experienced marketing agency in Gothenburg that helps companies strengthen their brands and become successful online. Contact us if you are ready to increase your conversion rate.

Questions and Answers
What is CRO?

Conversion Rate Optimization is the work that is made on a website or on a phone application to increase the conversion rate per visitor. This includes strengthening confidence, featuring product benefits and increasing user-friendliness through intuitive design choices.


What does Conversion Rate Optimization Mean?

The phrase describes the work involved in optimizing web applications to increase the conversion rate per visitor.

Why CRO?

With a skillfully optimized website, more visitors will convert to customers, thereby increasing both your revenue and your customer base.

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