About us

This company was founded in frustration with an agency system that is largely tied to a number of hours instead of striving to improve results. Thus Est Populo was born by the strive to change the ins and outs of digital marketing agencies, and with a new standard in agency services for marketing, we pave the way for fast-paced success.

The success is based on a solid investment in long-term relationships and cooperation to the extent that our customers prefer to be involved in the improvement and development work of their marketing. Our driving force is to be involved in developing a unique strategy for our customers so that they can reach the absolute top.

Thanks to our way of working in fast iterations and constantly testing new solutions, but also complementing with proven marketing strategies, we have succeeded in developing a successful concept for marketing with a digital presence. The results that are reflected in our work are proof of our strong investment in the right amount of collaboration with the customer and our way of working.

The founders of Est Populo have been involved in founding companies such as NA-KD and Nelly, where growth has been in focus. Our solid experience extends all the way from formulating marketing strategies, to implementation, management and follow-up. We know what is required at all stages from production to marketing to maximize results.

Are you facing a difficult scenario, or do you want to improve your overall marketing strategy? Tell us about it, and we’ll make sure to solve it! We are all ears.

The team

Jonatan Johansson


Klas Tranlöv


Jack Haldorsson

Influencer Marketing Manager

Christopher Fänge


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